Vert Rotors/DMG Mori Innovator of the Year is Vert Rotors

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Vert Rotors, Edinburgh-based micro screw compressor manufacturer, has recently won the Innovator of the Year title at the Made in Scotland Awards for its innovative, patented conical screw compressors.

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L-R: Keigh Ridgeway, Executive Dean of the AMRC Group, presenting the Made in Scotland Award to Vert Rotors CEO Olly Dmitriev.
L-R: Keigh Ridgeway, Executive Dean of the AMRC Group, presenting the Made in Scotland Award to Vert Rotors CEO Olly Dmitriev.
(Source: DMG Mori UK)

Sponsored by the University of Strathclyde and the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), the Made in Scotland Awards, now in its third year, rewards excellence in innovation, manufacture and the best new products developed in Scotland. The Innovator of the Year award recognises the most outstanding entry of all the winners of the different categories, making it a prestigious achievement for Vert Rotors.

The concept of the award-winning revolutionary conical screw compressor is: At the heart of the compressor are male and female conical screws that are manufactured to very tight tolerances. The new Vert Rotors Nautilus product packages this technology with the necessary motor, pipework and electronics to produce a plug and play desktop unit, designed for the future of disruptive technology, which also is much quieter, more efficient, smaller and lighter than existing technology, the company explains.


This success, Vert says, is also attributed to its collaboration with DMG Mori. Vert now has two DMG Mori machines, the HSC 20 linear 5-axis machine as well as a CLX 350 universal turning centre with a sub-spindle and Y-axis – the latter was primarily to manufacture the casing of the Nautilus compressor that includes drilled and tapped features. The HSC 20 linear, however, provides the essential technology required for producing the conical helix parts.

Vert's CEO Olly Dmitriev says: “There are three factors involved in achieving the accuracy we need for the helix - the machine tool, the tooling and the CAM programme. If we change one variable, the others are affected.” He added that they were only achieving ±10µ six months ago, but, now, with the linear drives and the 40,000-rpm spindle speed of the HSC 20 linear machine, a ±5µ is achieved despite changing the material of the parts from brass to 4140 alloy steel – a much harder material to machine. The machine also allows manufacturing with 100% repeatability and zero scrap, Dmitriev noted. Having achieved the 5µ tolerance, Vert saw energy efficiency of the compressor increase by a further 11%. The company said the Nautilus is now 55% more efficient than conventional scroll compressors.