Application for hot runners Injection moulding: simple and effective colour change feature

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Canada — Injection moulding specialist Husky announced its collaboration with Chem-Trend on a system solution that creates repeatability during the critical colour change process to offer a faster, more accurate, and optimised approach for operators.

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The colour change process is highly reproducible.
The colour change process is highly reproducible.
(Source: Karsten Pfeifer München)

In collaboration with Husky, Chem-Trend devised a new guided procedure made easily accessible to operators within the Husky Altanium Mold Controller operator interface. The instructions outline a simple, yet highly effective approach to setting up and performing the colour change process explicitly for moulds with hot runner systems.

The joint approach is based on the process for using Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge brand of purge compounds, which is designed specifically to reduce color-change time and carbon formation in hot runner systems.

“We are continuing to see an upward trend in color change applications,” said Mike Ellis, global business manager for Husky Hot Runners and Controllers division. “Our collaboration with Chem-Trend and the integration with our Altanium Mold Controllers addresses this critical market requirement and enables our customers to achieve more efficient and effective color change performance.”

Together, the companies aim to significantly enhance their customers’ operational margins by increasing equipment and labor uptime. Trial results showed up to an 85 percent reduction in scrap and an 80 percent increase in mould cleaning efficiency when following the recommended process.

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