Fakuma Review Husky deputes Ultrashot Injection System and new online configurator

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

At Fakuma, Husky was showcasing its latest hot runner and controller technology innovations, as well as its medical manufacturing solutions.

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Husky showcased breakthrough injection molding technology and medical manufacturing solutions at Fakuma 2021.
Husky showcased breakthrough injection molding technology and medical manufacturing solutions at Fakuma 2021.
(Source: Husky)

During the return to in-person trade fairs at Fakuma, Husky was exhibiting on two booths that offered a variety of interactive experiences, including Hot Runners and Controllers. The company for the first time presented its Ultrashot Injection System, a novel injection moulding technology designed to increase overall part design freedom and speed-to-market with high scale and quality. Also on display was Pronto Direct, a fast and cost-effective way to order and configure Husky hot runners. At Booth 6113, Hall A6, the company provided an up-close look at the its specialised moulding solution for pipette tip manufacturing, powered by Schottli mould solutions. This innovative mould technology incorporates a compact cluster design and lateral symmetrical gating — enabling high volumes and significant material savings while achieving the highest standards of quality.

Mould the Unmouldable

In Friedrichshafen the Canadian hot runners specialists, presented the Ultrashot Injections System. This innovative, next generation melt delivery and control system eliminates the deficiencies of traditional injection moulding processes and creates unique value and opportunity for producers by making it possible to mould the perfect part at scale, with high quality. The Ultrashot Injection System’s advanced injection control technology enables risk-free scalability with flawless part capability. Identical system behavior for each injection circuit provides process condition consistency with cavitation scaling. A predictable process from pilot to high cavitation — scalable to 128 cavities, enables producers to maximize cavitation without negative performance on balance or shot-to-shot variation. Brand owners can accelerate from prototype to high cavitation production qualification, thus greatly increasing speed-to-market.

The melt delivery system is the “heart” of the injection moulding process and is essential to mold cell performance. The Ultrashot Injection System masters part filling in a way that provides part design freedom, while reducing risk and improving part quality and speed of mold qualification. With “Husky Inside”, producers ensure that the center of their system performs optimally, every shot. It offers unmatched OEE and increased productivity, at a reduced footprint, resulting in lowest total part production cost. It is suited for medical, technical packaging and consumer electronic part producers looking to scale up, implement more efficient process control, address competitive marketplaces, and reduce risk, scrap, waste and cost.

To learn more about this system, also visit ETMM's on-demand webinar.

Quick configuration and fast delivery

With Pronto Direct, the company also gave an exclusive preview of its new online shopping experience where customers can spec, configure and get quotes on a range of hot runner and controller solutions. Configuration is completed in a few short steps and shipment is done up to two weeks faster than for conventional hot runners. Customers can easily order highly-configurable Pronto Direct single drop and manifold systems through local Husky teams at up to 20 percent lower cost and greatly reduced lead times. Pronto Direct hot runners are ready to order, affordable and an ideal solution for handling tight time-to-market windows and fast prototyping. The range covers a wide range of applications such as automotive, medical, electronics and consumer packaging.

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