Günther Heisskanaltechnik/ Fakuma Hot runner specialist offers application solutions for plastics processing

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Leading hot runner technology company, Günther Heisskanaltechnik, will present its broad selection of innovative hot runner nozzles and systems for the plastics industry at Fakuma.

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The geometrically different components of the caliper have two different shot weights of 5.5 g and 3.5 g respectively.
The geometrically different components of the caliper have two different shot weights of 5.5 g and 3.5 g respectively.
(Source: Foto Haus Fotografie - www.foto-haus.com_Gunther)

The trend towards increasing product individualisation is often associated with smaller production quantities. In the plastics industry, the development toward flexibility in production technology for quickly changing products and small batch sizes is playing an increasingly important role.

An example is in the production of a two-piece ABS caliper on a fully automated production cell. A mould (from Braunform) to produce geometrically different components of the caliper with a base set-up. Parts are manufactured on the production cell in quick succession. After every third shot, a robot removes the component, changes the gripper and exchanges the mould inserts. Quick-change AS/DS inserts are used for the individual caliper parts.


Furthermore, another challenge for this application is that the two components, weighing 5.5 g and 3.5 g, have different shot weights. To ensure a reliable injection process, precise and intelligent operation of the valve gate technology is indispensable. Here, hot runner technology with an electric drive from Günther Heisskanaltechnik is the answer. According to the company, electrically driven valve gate systems feature decisive technical advantages, like the variable, yet precise setting of the needle position and stroke length. Synchronised needle movement also enables high reproduction precision. The SMA 10 E02 stepper motor guarantees this high precision in conjunction with ideal force-displacement behavior, Günther claims.

Together with the corresponding DPE control unit, precise valve gate control is guaranteed, Günther continues. Needle adjustment in the 1/100 mm range is also possible. Valve gate systems and electric drives are easy to install, also in mould construction. A valve gate nozzle, type 6NHF, with a nominal length of 120 mm and a needle guide made of powder metallurgical steel is used for this application. This system nozzle with the thick-film heating element (BlueFlow) is screwed to the manifold. In addition to long service life and wear-resistance, the two advantages of this nozzle include flash-free gate point quality and minimal shear stress.

Wear parts can be easily replaced and the mould inserts require no post-processing. Thanks to thick film heating, the individual heating output can be precisely adapted to the requirements in each section of the nozzle length. This achieves homogeneous temperature distribution, which has a positive effect on small moulded parts in particular. In addition, the system only requires a minimum start-up time, which also decreases the waste rate.

Such hot runner technology, which is ideal for fully electrically automated production cells where all mould functions and the valve gate hot runner are also electrically driven are on exhibit at Fakuma at Engel Austria's booth in Hall A2, Booth 2207.

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