Mold-Masters Gating options that maintain gate quality and extend service intervals

Editor: Steffen Donath

Accu-Valve Premium cylindrical gates feature Continuous 360° pin guidance in close proximity to the gate for precision valve pin alignment that does not require direct reliance on cavity steel.

CHV-CP is considered a wear items and is therefore covered by Mold-Masters standard 60-day warranty.
CHV-CP is considered a wear items and is therefore covered by Mold-Masters standard 60-day warranty.
(Source: Mold-Masters)

The advanced design significantly minimises wear of the gate and valve pin that leads to gate quality deterioration over time. By maintaining these critical high tolerance dimensions and concentricity, Accu-Valve significantly enhances reliability and extends service life.

The result are high quality gates for millions of cycles. Users can lower their operating costs by avoiding the costly maintenance and downtime associated with traditional valve gate designs. Accu-Valve meets the demanding needs of many sectors: medical, packaging, personal care and many other applications. Accu-Valve is available in 3 versions MX (enhanced fill balance), CX (colour change) and New GX (simplified maintenance). With the exception of the new AV-GX, Accu-Valve gates are compatible with nozzle sizes Femto-Lite to Deci (<1 g to 500 g) with a wide range of gate diameters. Accu-Valve gates are available with Mold-Masters ‘3 Million Cycle (1-Year) warranty’.

When combined with Mold-Masters’ smallest and most compact Master-Series Femto-Lite nozzle (12 mm bore cut-out), customers have the added flexibility to accommodate advanced applications on the smallest moulded parts (as light as <1 g) which includes inside gating or tight pitch.

Mold-Masters Accu-Valve GX is a new addition to the Accu-Valve premium cylindrical valve gate family that features a replaceable gate insert (with integrated valve pin guide) that significantly simplifies maintenance. This design provides moulders with an easy to replace component which eliminates traditional gate hole rework/welding or having to worry about matching tight tolerances. Molders can just reorder the gate insert which significantly minimises downtime and allows for maintenance costs to be much more predictable.

The compact Ø3 mm OD tip (1.0 mm gate) can fit on a wide range of parts. Although this gate design will produce a double witness ring, since tip contouring and texturing is possible, the visual impact of the ring can be minimised on the part surface.

A complimentary alternative

Cylindrical Hot Valve-CP (CHV-CP) is another new gating style that features a replaceable gate insert with a compact Ø3 mm OD tip (1.0 mm gate). The difference is that unlike the Accu-Valve version with continuous valve pin guidance, this style offers enhanced pin guidance by way of a double bump method that funnels the pin to the gate as it closes in a way that minimises wear by avoiding direct contact with the cavity steel. This gating method is the preferred alternative to AV-GX when using certain grades of resins where the split of the melt through the Accu-Valve guide can cause visual defects on the part. The more open channel of the CHV-CP does not split and interrupt the resin flow.

These gating styles are compatible with Mold-Masters Master-Series and Summit-Series hot runner systems which incorporate a wide range of innovative technologies that work together to offer superior performance and reliability. This includes ‘Brazed Heater Technology’ that provides a superior temperature thermal which helps to control the heat in the front / gate area and allows for very fast cycle times without compromising gate quality. Mold-Masters Brazed Heaters are eligible for Mold-Masters 10-Year Warranty and are integrated into a range of heated components.