ITC Deep hole drilling line extended

Editor: Steffen Donath

The cutting tool experts at Widia have now extended their TDMX indexable insert drilling line to further boost stability, reliability and performance when undertaking challenging drilling operations.

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The new ITC Widia TDMX drill.
The new ITC Widia TDMX drill.
(Source: Tilman Weishart)

The Widia TDMX indexable insert drilling line has been extended, adding 1.5XD and 12XD drill bodies to the existing 3XD, 5XD and 8XD. The new 1.5XD addition will further enhance the productivity, rigidity and stability when drilling shallow holes whereas the 12XD range will enable manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of their favourite drilling line when conducting deep hole drilling, the company promises.

The TDMX drill body incorporates polished flutes, through coolant channels and margin lands on the entire body length to ensure straightness and increased hole quality.

As well as adding two new drill lengths, Widia has also developed a new indexable insert geometry for the TDMX Series. Complementing the existing PK(M) inserts for steel and cast-iron drilling, Widia has launched the FPE(M) geometry for drilling flat bottomed blind holes, stacked plate drilling and also as a piloting insert for deep hole drilling. This geometry makes the new FPE(M) inserts ideal for use with the new 12XD drill bodies. The new inserts are available with diameters from 16 to 40 mm in 0.5 mm increments with additional diameters available for all common pre-threading hole requirements.