Helpful Accessories Controller cart keeps hot runner control units handy

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For many injection moulding tasks with hot runner moulds, external control units are indispensable. Hasco hot runner offers high-grade, high-performance hot runner control units in different designs that meet the many specific requirements of the operators.

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Hasco introduces a new controller cart for hot runner control units.
Hasco introduces a new controller cart for hot runner control units.
(Source: Christian Schörg/ Hasco)

Often injection moulders are faced with the challenge of optimally positioning the device near to the injection moulding machine. On the one hand, it needs to be positioned close to the machine control system in order to be able to make adjustments quickly, and on the other, it must stand securely to avoid the risk of collisions and consequent damage. It is not rare for the amount of space to be inadequate, with the result that the operator has to resort to provisional solutions.

With the new Co-Cart transport trolley from Hasco hot runner, the control unit can be positioned safely right next to the mould. The practical and robust cart was designed specifically for hot runner control units, and offers many advantages including optimum ease of operation. The smooth rollers allow the safe transport of all the control units available on the market. The slip-resistant table top and raised edges all the way round ensure that the device can neither slip nor tip over. A plastic box in the lower compartment of the Co-Cart offers storage space for all connecting cables and additional equipment. This prevents transport being blocked by cables hanging-down when the cart is being moved.

Another feature of the new Co-Cart is the drawer directly under the top. This offers an ideal possibility for stowing the operating instructions and common spare parts such as fuses with the control unit. Maximum flexibility is provided by the ability to position the cart right next to the injection moulding machine. It can be easily secured by the brake on the rollers. The Co-Cart under the designation H1200/850x480x1000 is available immediately ex stock.

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