Ewikon Compact valve gate solution for small machines

Editor: Steffen Donath

The Ewikon L2X-Mikro high-performance hot runner system will be available from October as a compact 4-drop version with valve gate technology for shot weights around 0.05 grams.

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4-drop L2X-Mikro valve gate system for small injection moulding machines.
4-drop L2X-Mikro valve gate system for small injection moulding machines.
(Source: Ewikon)

The system uses synchronous plate technology to enable simultaneous actuation of all valve pins. Due to the very compact design of the drive technology, it can be easily integrated into all common mould sizes for small injection moulding machines.

During the development of the system, the focus was on high thermal performance in order to be able to process standard materials and, above all, technical plastics with narrow process windows safely. For this purpose, the hot runner nozzles feature a powerful direct heating. The very slim nozzle used with an outer diameter of only 10 mm and a flow channel diameter of 3 mm has a leakproof screw connection with the manifold.

Despite the extremely compact design, it was possible to use a coil heater, which is integrated into precise cutouts in the melt-bearing pressure tube. This design ensures an absolutely homogeneous temperature profile over the entire length of the nozzle up to the gating area. The special screw technology with connecting nut allows free rotation of the nozzle until the screw connection is finally fixed and thus precise positioning of the connecting cables. This minimises the required installation space. The fully balanced manifold has an edge length of just 55 x 55 mm.

Thus, the overall flow path length and the melt volume to be exchanged in the system is reduced. This offers particular advantages when processing materials with critical residence times in applications with low shot weights.

For use on small injection moulding machines, the system is only available as complete hot half in 4-drop version. The nozzle grid is 30 x 30 mm. In order to realise higher-cavity systems with standard moulds, several of the 4-drop valve gate modules can also be used in combination with a common synchronous plate and a bridge manifold.

A 16-drop system can thus be realised with a very compact mould size of 256 x 346 mm. Since the bridge manifold can be kept very simple, the general advantage of short flow path lengths remains even with such a configuration.