Synventive An entire day to talk about parts

Editor: Steffen Donath

“Let’s talk about parts” — the motto of hot runner supplier Synventive was also the focus of the recent Bensheim Technology days.

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Dr Michael Neumann from Zimmermann Formenbau spoke about foam injection moulding.
Dr Michael Neumann from Zimmermann Formenbau spoke about foam injection moulding.
(Source: Steffen Donath)

The annual Bensheim Technology Days hosted by Synventive are a platform for different talks all centred on topics concerning hot runners and injection moulding and the products created through said technologies. The first speaker came from Zimmermann Formenbau and his topic was foam injection moulding. He started his presentation, however, with the environmental topic of plastic waste. The consumers would need to drastically rethink their behaviour and, of course, plastic must face the responsibility of sustainability as well, he explained. As a consequence, companies providing packaging etc. would also need to rethink their approaches. The presenter from Zimmermann Formenbau continued to focus on more environmentally friendly solutions such as lightweight construction in the automotive industry. The lighter the car, the less energy is needed to move it from A to B after all. Foam injection moulding can be very helpful in this area, he explained.

As an interlude, Synventive quickly spoke about their motto “Let’s talk about parts” and how it should exemplify the need for early communication. The Synventive representative stated that the quality of the finished product improves with early communication between the customer and Synventive. Which is an important takeaway, the sooner ideas and concepts are voiced, the sooner these can be analysed, evaluated and, if necessary, reworked.

The next presentation came from Vauth Sagel. The customers of the company are varied: from automotive to furniture, caravan or covers for medical apparatuses. Rüdiger Oehl from Vauth Sagel then described the unique challenges of an example part: a mudguard. The different steps of the process were all individually evaluated for the product at hand. The best solution was worked out to guarantee a high-quality product. Synflow 3 helped the company along the way and allowed them greater control during the process. However, almost more important was another aspect: “It is user-friendly.” Oehl underlined. Additionally, he praised the excellent support they received from Synventive during the process.

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In another brief interlude, Hans-Jörg Schreyer from Synventive briefly outlined back injection for foils and its specific use as a decorative element in cars. During the talk, the interior design of the future was also addressed. As an example, the recently introduced Mercedes EQ concepts could be a possible glimpse at a future interior.

The final presentation I was able to attend was held by Thomas Tsigkopoulos from Röchling. He also started his talk by addressing the future space plastic would inhabit in the world of tomorrow and came to a similar conclusion: lightweight construction. The construction of a car underbody was the main topic. The part which had to be produced would, of course, end up being huge and accordingly the tool for creating ended up being massive. The finished tool weighed almost 50 t and was called a “dream come true for every plastics engineer”. He ended his talk with the following statement: “Plastic has no boundaries, a solution is always possible.”