Company News Accumold presents at Wearable Technology webinar

Editor: Steffen Donath

Accumold has remained open for business throughout the entire Coronavirus period, and has maintained and augmented business through a tenacious, agile, and original approach to customer liaison.

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Micro-moulding is a highly challenging field.
Micro-moulding is a highly challenging field.
(Source: Accumold)

Like many other companies, Accumold has made creative use of online facilities to keep in front of its existing and prospective customers, and has also curated a number of original and novel online exhibitions and presentations, the company states.

Most recent among these was a presentation that VP of Marketing and Strategy at Accumold, Aaron Johnson, gave at the invitation of the Wearable Technology Conference Group at the end of July.

The wearable technology sector is a burgeoning area and is consistently looking to develop more and more sophisticated functionality of devices in smaller and smaller footprints. For Accumold, micro-moulding is a key enabling technology that facilitates such miniaturisation. But while micro moulding is at its heart injection moulding, it is not just scaled down macro-moulding as Johnson explains.

During his presentation, Johnson also explains that most companies do not have innovators that can produce small scale parts, small features on larger parts, or the achievement of micron-level tolerances in their existing supply chains, so tend to abandon projects that look too challenging.

What they are unaware of is the fact that there exist a few companies that excel in micro moulding that can overcome perceived roadblocks and which as true product development partners can actually realise the manufacture of what some customers perceive as impossible, Johnson explained.

In the presentation, Johnson evokes the wisdom of Bob Dylan as he advocates engagement with micro-moulders as a spur to achieving the creation of cutting edge, ground-breaking innovative products, “Those who aren’t busy being born are busy dying!”