EMO 2019 / Leader Chuck Workholding and productivity-enhancing products under one roof

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Among the exhibits at Leader Chuck's booth will be its latest workholding products from its extensive range of product portfolio.

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The Jato Precision diaphragm chuck offers two major advantages for high-precision turning, namely, accuracy and consistency of the clamping force.
The Jato Precision diaphragm chuck offers two major advantages for high-precision turning, namely, accuracy and consistency of the clamping force.
(Source: Leader Chuck)

Leader Chuck International says visitors to EMO will be able to see first-hand the newest innovations, including Blue Photon, Carve Smart, Jato Precision and Orange Vice at the company's 25 sq.m.-booth. The company from the UK will also host static and dynamic demonstrations to show improved efficiency and accuracy, which are available from three pioneering technology providers.

Blue Photon is an innovative photo-activated adhesive method of workpiece clamping. The company says that Blue Photon uses Ultraviolet (blue) light to activate and create a high-performance adhesive reaction. This concept has already been practised for several years in the dental industry successfully and its application within the manufacturing industry sectors offers many key advantages.

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“The adhesive workholding technology is the perfect solution for holding delicate workpieces that are prone to distortion in the machining process. Parts such as large, thin rings and turbine blades are easily held in place with Blue Photon without the distortion that is caused with many other workholding methods,” MD Mark Jones notes. Applying Blue Photon thus eliminates the need to reposition clamps or relying on operators to ‘gently’ clamp the part can be eliminated. Presented at EMO is the Blue Photon Universal Fixture Kit that allows immediate fixturing technology, which adapts easily to most parts. The kit provides the access to five and 6-sides on any hard-to-hold part and is easy to implement on existing machine tools from turning to grinding as well as EDM through to additive manufacturing. The kit can also hold parts in heavy milling or high-performance machining strategies of various materials including titanium and super-alloys.

The Jato Precision range of collet-type workholding and diaphragm chucks on show include rotary, static and 3-jaw diaphragm chucks. These are said to provide a high repeatability of concentricity as well as low and adjustable clamping forces that load and unload fragile and thin-walled components efficiently. A diaphragm chuck may be preferred to a standard 3-jaw or pull-down chuck for high precision turning, thanks to its accuracy and consistency of the clamping force as there are no sliding parts in the diaphragm chuck. The chuck relies completely on the diaphragm for opening and closing jaws. The grip force for standard chucks is constantly changing, creating varying dynamic conditions. Diaphragm chucks eliminate this problem by relying on the elasticity of the diaphragm as well.

The company's Orange Vice compact vices and zero-point subplates, launched in 2012, will witness the launch of its latest line at EMO – Orange Delta IV – for use in multi-axis and high-density milling set-ups. The patent-pending Orange Delta IV compact vices feature a small 150 x 100 mm footprint and an integral zero-point interface, which is cross compatible with Leader's proprietary locating systems as well as 52 mm-pull stud interfaces from other brands. Unlike self-centring vices common in the industry, Orange Delta IV uses a unique serrated design that combines self-centring vices and serrated fixtures, along with gripping performance. Orange Delta IV compact vices and zero-point subplates are cost-effectively priced too.

Leader will be demonstrating a range of high-quality Orange machining vices that feature, as standard, the Carvesmart quick-change vice jaw system featuring QC dovetailed jaw technology. Carvesmart dovetail and clamp features are machined directly into the Orange Integrated Jaw System (IJS) vice, eliminating the need for master jaws. This saves 38 mm of opening. The 152 mm Orange IJS vice are compatible with all Carvesmart dovetailed jaws. The fully machinable jaws allow for a larger machinable workholding zone that permits holding larger parts deeper into the jaws of the vice for better performance.

The patented Carvesmart system is designed for production and toolroom applications replacing the conventional method of attaching vice jaws to a vice. Dovetailed jaw changes are fast and easy, with from-the-top clamping systems. The clamp assembly pulls dovetailed jaws tightly into two axes, while a Smart stop pin locates the jaw accurately in the third axis promising +/- 7.5 micron relocation. The Smart stop slot and pin is integral to the dovetail, enabling vices to be mounted side-by-side.

At EMO, Leader Chuck will be in Hall 6, Booth A1. Many of Leader's other partners will also be presenting at different locations at EMO.