Creaform Two Red Dot awards for Creaform

| Editor: Briggette Jaya

Handheld 3D scanners wins prestigious Red Dot awards for product design, thanks to their innovation.

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These two awards are Creaform's fourth and fifth Red Dot Awards over the last few years.
These two awards are Creaform's fourth and fifth Red Dot Awards over the last few years.
(Source: Creaform )

Leading company for portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, Creaform, recently announced that its new Handy Scan Black and Go! Scan Spark have won two Red Dot Awards for Product Design.

According to Creaform, which is a business unit of Ametek, its Handy Scan Black features blue laser 3D scanning technology and enables dimensional measurements for a variety of demanding metrology applications. The 3D scanner also highlights its visible optical lenses and PC board. Comments from the Red Dot jury: “The sleek design of the 3D handheld scanner skillfully reflects its high precision. Thanks to its matte-black background, the bold signature lines are clearly visible.”

The other winner, Go! Scan Spark, is a white-light 3D scanner for product development applications. The scanner’s compact inline design, which features angular lines on the device’s sides, integrates four cameras to enable fast and easy 3D scanning. The statement made by the Red Dot jury was that with Go! Scan Spark is easy to handle.”

These two awards are the company's fourth and fifth Red Dot Awards over the last few years. “With the Handy Scan Black and Go! Scan Spark, our industrial designer teams pushed the design language to a whole new level. Not only do these new solutions offer unrivaled 3D scanning performance and accuracy, they also do so in frictionless ways that improve usability,” said Marco St-Pierre, the company’s Vice-President, Innovation and Technologies.

The Red Dot Awards is a world-renowned, esteemed competition that pits the most innovative products developed and the one that stands out in their respective categories is picked. Over 5,000 entries are received from more than 50 countries annually. The jury comprises 40 international experts who test, discuss and evaluate each entry live and on site, judging on criteria, including innovation, functionality, formal quality and ergonomics.

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