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Source: Press release Peter Königsreuther

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In the run-up to K` 2022 in Düsseldorf, development at Hasco is certainly not standing still. Find out here what has happened recently and what will be presented at the trade fair.

K`2022 is getting closer and closer. Hasco gives us a preview of the things that will be on show. These include this new flow meter, which helps to optimise the temperature control of injection moulds.
K`2022 is getting closer and closer. Hasco gives us a preview of the things that will be on show. These include this new flow meter, which helps to optimise the temperature control of injection moulds.
(Source: Hasco)

In July 2022, Hasco added the new flow meter with the product designation Z9905/... (see picture) to its product portfolio. The standard parts manufacturer and supplier developed this flow meter because it is often important during injection moulding to know the flow rate of the temperature control medium water through the injection mould. The flow rate can be seen directly and easily on the lower edge of the float body. It is indicated in the common quantity of litres per minute. But measuring is only one function, because the flow can be regulated just as quickly and precisely with a screwdriver, as Hasco explains. If necessary, the user can also stop the flow completely. The flow meter can also be installed in any flow direction. The new Z9905/... flow meter thus enables precise measurement and regulation of the required water quantities in temperature control systems. The product withstands a temperature of up to 100 °C and a pressure of 10 bar. However, it is not only suitable for pure water but also for water-glycol mixtures.

A tempering programme where not a drop is lost

Another new product, which was already added to Hasco's product catalogue in May, is the low-leakage Hasco temperature control programme. The manufacturer explains that it works particularly safely when uncoupling the connections. It is described as not only very tight but also durable. It works with flat end faces and shut-off on both sides, which explains the tightness when opening and closing, whereby no temperature control medium is lost. The quick-release coupling can be operated with one hand. The locking nipple is provided with a particularly long and precisely machined guide, which makes coupling possible despite maximum flow with minimum pressure drop.


High-quality materials 2.0401 (brass) and 1.4305 (stainless steel) made the quick couplings robust against vibrations and movements. The stainless steel versions are particularly suitable for use in medical and clean room technology. Depending on the temperature control medium, the couplings are also suitable for high-temperature applications. They guarantee a reliable and long-lasting manufacturing process.

The Hasco highlights at K` in Düsseldorf

All highlights, such as user-friendly tools, an update of the Hasco app, special CAD features and other digital services that simplify daily work in tool and mould making, will be presented live at booth C06 in hall 1.

The products mentioned above will of course also be on display. In the demoulding sector, new ejector pins for venting the cavities and ejector pins made of HSS quality steel complement the portfolio. More than 700 additional ejector sizes, distributed across all product variants, will offer even more flexibility in the future, it adds.

For the additive manufacturing of complex component geometries, the company offers a metal powder in steel grades 1.2709 and 1.4404. This is convincing due to its high quality and an ideal combination of particle size and roundness.

Another highlight is explained as follows: Injection moulds are often used at different locations. With Hasco-Loc-Check A5900/... it is now possible to localise the location of an injection moulding tool easily and quickly at any time, which works worldwide wherever there is a GSM network.

The focus of hot runner technology at the trade fair is the innovative Streamrunner. It is the world's first additively manufactured hot runner system that offers completely new and space-saving possibilities as a valve gate variant. Colour changes are faster thanks to the flow-optimised design of the polished melt channels with large deflection radii. Not to be forgotten: As a full-range supplier, Hasco has over 100,000 products on hand for everything to do with toolmaking.


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