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Witosa GmbH Heißkanalsysteme develops products from practice for practice with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Here is what they presented at K last year.

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With their portfolio, Witosa is a regular at hot runner-focused shows.
With their portfolio, Witosa is a regular at hot runner-focused shows.
(Source: Witosa)

The product range extends from mini hot runner systems for miniature injection moulding machines to fully wired and electrically tested valve gate systems and complex hot runner applications for specific customer requirements. Witosa GmbH's portfolio also includes the standard components of hot runner technology; single nozzles, hot runner systems and hot sides, the company states.

A dynamic development of the product and customer structures has led to several sales agencies in Europe and overseas in the last decade. Reflecting on the way the company has developed: Today, the family-run company enjoys steady growth and positive development with annual growth rates at home and abroad.

The hot runner specialist used the international platform for the plastics and rubber industry in October. At the K Show, the company presented a new development for valve gate applications; the DE-10 valve gate nozzle. The research and development department has designed the DE-10 hot runner nozzle as an application for manifold systems with restricted installation conditions in the valve gate. This technically mature innovation combines all the advantages of Witosa valve gate nozzles, the company explains. In addition, the DE-10 offers above all nest and row spacing of less than 10 mm. Small installation space and thus cost savings for the customer were the main focus of the design and further development. “Whereas the smallest nest spacing of 15 mm was previously possible for a valve gate application, we can now realise nest spacings of less than 10 mm,” says Torsten Glittenberg, Managing Director.

Operational even in small moulding spaces

The possibility of arranging the row spacing of the new valve gate nozzle below 10 mm means that our customers benefit in every respect. This means not only cost savings on the material costs of a mould, but also cost-efficient operation on smaller injection moulding machines and a reduction in their energy costs. However, the DE-10 offers the customer even more advantages. In addition to a perfect gating point, which can be adjusted to ensure that the needle length is absolutely flush with the article surface, an optimum needle guide separated from the melt flow has been implemented. The needle guide, which is separate from the material, prevents flow shadows on the article during the injection process. The new DE-10 nozzle is characterised by its economical temperature profile and homogeneous melt penetration, which helps to reduce dwell time. With low energy consumption, the needle closes and opens comfortably pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically.

As standard, the DE-10 is available in nozzle lengths of 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140 mm. In principle, the valve gate nozzle can be operated pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically via a lifting plate with the drive media. During maintenance the needle fit can be checked and adjusted by means of screwed-in sealing elements in the manifold system. In case of wear and tear, a cost-effective replacement can be made.

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