Walter GB Replaceable ‘front end’ indexable insert body extends milling

Editor: Steffen Donath

Cost-effective usage thanks to a fast and easy replacement is promised by Walter GB’s latest addition to their portfolio.

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Walter’s modular M4258 porcupine milling cutter
Walter’s modular M4258 porcupine milling cutter
(Source: Walter GB)

Walter GB is using a replaceable front end for its modular M4258 porcupine milling cutter for shoulder and face milling to combine the cost-effective benefits of rigid milling with those of indexable inserts. The fast replacement of the tool’s front piece, the part of the tool that typically becomes worn most quickly — the front end face and initial shoulder, where the machining forces are greatest — means that the M4258 cutter can continue to be used cost effectively.

The M4258 system inserts are available as square with four cutting edges and as rhombic with two cutting edges, for not only porcupine milling cutters but also for face, shoulder, chamfer and T-slot milling cutters also available in the M4000 cutter range.

In addition, different insert geometries such as the D51 anti-vibration type allow the cutter to be used in difficult cutting conditions, and Tiger·tec Gold inserts are available within the range to produce further tool life benefits. Walter Capto C6 and C8 interfaces ensure positive-locking connection for a tool that provides good chip clearance and internal cooling for high process reliability and safe chip evacuation. Available in diameters from 50 mm to 80 mm, the M4258 cutter with M4000 inserts is suitable for applications in cast iron, steel, stainless steels and materials with difficult cutting properties.