Moduleworks Release of 2019.12 CAD/CAM software components

Editor: Steffen Donath

The latest release contains new performance-optimising cycles for 5- and 3-axis machining as well as enhanced visual accuracy and sharper imaging for simulations.

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New finishing cycles for multiaxis machining
New finishing cycles for multiaxis machining
(Source: Moduleworks)

This is the third major release of 2019 and is available for download from the Moduleworks website.

Two new finishing cycles have been added to the multiaxis machining toolpath generator: one for wall finishing and one for floor finishing. Both cycles support barrel tools and offer all the process-optimising features of the original roughing strategy, such as easy part selection, automatic collision checking between the tool and the part and automatic collision-free linking.

With the HSM toolpath generator, operators can now machine steep and shallow areas in a single cycle. This accelerates CAM programming by eliminating repetitive steps and means that programmers only need to set up a single machining operation. The cycle consists of constant Z for steep areas and two options for shallows areas, either constant cusp or parallel cuts.

New algorithmic enhancements improve the visual accuracy of the simulation to deliver a sharper and more realistic simulation for spherical tools such as ball mill and bull mill tools. The resulting simulated part now has crisp corners and smooth curves that accurately reflect the real shape of the tool without any noticeable segmentation.

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