Temperature control Reducing energy costs in plastic processing with Nonnenmann's Heat Iso Flex Hose

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Temperature control is key to the efficiency of injection moulding and die casting processes. That is why Nonnenmann, a company specialised in temperature control solutions for plastic injection moulding, has introduced the HeatIso Flex (HIF) hose for efficient temperature control.

HIF - efficient temperature control hose with integrated insulation for a wide range of applications
HIF - efficient temperature control hose with integrated insulation for a wide range of applications
(Source: Nonnenmann)

The ever-increasing energy costs and calls to reduce energy requirements are also occupying the attention of plastics processors. Consequently, mould makers and injection moulders have to deal with measures to save energy in the moulds as well as in the entire production process. For injection moulders, the topic of mould temperature control and machine tubing in particular offers a decisive lever for increasing internal energy efficiency.

In injection moulding and die casting, temperature control has an important influence on cycle time and component quality — and thus also on the economic efficiency of the entire production process. High demands are placed on the couplings and hoses, combined with the greatest possible work safety and confidence in the equipment used.

As a specialist in the field of temperature control solutions and components for plastic injection moulding and toolmaking, Nonnenmann has launched the Heat Iso Flex hose (HIF) — an efficient temperature control hose that is suitable for all applications.

With the HIF hose, the name says it all: the product combines high temperature resistance, integrated insulation and the greatest possible flexibility to create an efficient and effective temperature control hose — the all-rounder for mould temperature control and machine hosing with energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to uninsulated hoses. The use of the hose supports users in increasing energy efficiency for injection moulding production and saving energy in mould temperature control. With a continuous temperature resistance of -54°C to +180°C, the HIF hose covers a wide range of applications. The multi-layer construction of the PFA corrugated hose on the inside, an aramide layer, the integrated triple insulation and the outer robust plastic braiding allow a compactly constructed, resistant but very flexible and directly insulated temperature control hose. This serves as contact protection to prevent accidents caused by burns, increases energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and shortens the heating times of the tools in production by up to 40 percent, depending on the application. Further additional insulation from the outside is no longer necessary. The outer plastic braiding transfers significantly less heat energy in direct contact than the familiar metal braided hoses, so burns are virtually eliminated even at maximum media temperature.

In addition, the inner aramid layer enables a much longer service life of the hose, even during continuous movements, compared to tempering hoses with a different construction. Thus, the hose offers convincing flexibility in practice and can also be used for narrow bending radii, e.g. for hose bridges or for moving elements such as temperature-controlled sliders. The robust hose guarantees a long service life and its flexibility makes it suitable for static and dynamic temperature control applications. It cannot kink and thus always guarantees the full flow cross-section. In addition, there is no risk of leakage — optimising process reliability in production. The robust design also makes it possible to install the hose in energy chains that are subject to continuous movement. Furthermore, the silicone-free design of the temperature control hose makes it suitable for use in sensitive production areas such as medical technology.

At Nonnenmann, the hose is available in nominal widths of 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm with 3/8-inch fittings as standard; the company offers other fittings and thread sizes on request. In addition to pre-assembled standard lengths, the HIF hoses are also individually assembled at the Schorndorf production site to the customer's desired length with the required fitting. For easy procurement and determination of requirements, the supplier has also integrated this type of hose into its own online hose configurator. Users thus have the playfully simple option of determining the hoses they need according to customer-specific requirements and wishes. The price and delivery time for the individually configured hoses are displayed directly in the configurator, which can then be downloaded as an offer or ordered directly in the online shop.

According to the company, the investment in the HIF hose, with an ROI of 6-12 months depending on the application, is a manageable process with practical advantages and added value for the entire production. Hoses have to be procured anyway, the investment in the HIF hose at the same time achieves optimal and nowadays indispensable energy saving potentials. Heat that is not released into the environment creates a better working environment for man and machine and saves energy costs in the air-conditioning of the halls and buildings.


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