Schunk Reduced-cost laser welding unit built for tool and die shops

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit rapidly handles complex, worn and surface-damaged parts without external programming.

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Laser parameters can be matched to the specific properties of materials.
Laser parameters can be matched to the specific properties of materials.
(Source: Schunk)

The economically priced PSM 400 Performance is designed specifically for laser machining of tool steel, according to supplier Schunk.

It said the unit offers highly accurate linear axes, a high-value CNC controller with real-time simulation, a robust laser source, and reflection-safe fibers to provide users with high precision and repeat accuracy. Moreover, even parts that are complex, worn or damaged on the surface can be handled rapidly in three-dimensional space without time-consuming external programming.

The company said that the machine can be set up quickly due to the user-friendly HMC controller and the teach-in function for lines, arcs, circles and splines in three-dimensional space. Welding procedures can be replicated any number of times in a stable process, Schunk explained.

Powerful Nd:YAG lasers from JK Lasers (a GSI Group company) with outputs of 150 or 300 W are available as laser sources. Their solid construction, high-quality ceramic cavities and a thermally stable resonator ensure a long-term high beam quality, according to the supplier.

The pulse stability is quoted at +/- 0.5%. With a peak pulse power of 5 kW and 9 kW, the JK laser source generates pulse energy of 35 J and 56 J, respectively, Schunk explained, adding that laser parameters can be easily matched to the specific properties of materials.