Mapal Precision tools manufacturer appoints new CEO of its operations in the US

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany/United States - Mapal has appointed Torsten Buchwald as new CEO and president of its two branch offices in Huron, Michigan and Fountain Inn, South Carolina, US.

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Torsten Buchwald is CEO of Mapal in the US.
Torsten Buchwald is CEO of Mapal in the US.
(Source: Mapal)

The two offices together employ about 175 employees with a focus on PCD and carbide tools, the company said. According to Mapal, there is strong demand from the aerospace and automotive industries. "We would like to make use of the strong growth potential of these industries and further expand project business," said Buchwald. He has set clear goals: "We intend to boost sales of Mapal USA significantly in the coming years."

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