Meusburger Power clamps for injection moulding

Editor: Steffen Donath

The Meusburger HWS 104 premium power clamp line features robust and ergonomic design. This ensures simple, fast and reliable clamping of injection moulds and reduces your machine downtimes.

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The new Meusburger HWS 104 premium power clamp in use
The new Meusburger HWS 104 premium power clamp in use
(Source: Meusburger)

Thanks to the optimally designed Meusburger power clamp range, a large number of different moulds can be easily clamped. Even challenging clamping positions in confined spaces can be achieved without any problems due to the compact models.

The ergonomic design guarantees easy handling and allows for safe operation. The high-quality, black galvanised, quenched and tempered alloy steel ensures a long service life and optimum protection against corrosion.

Another advantage is the smooth pressure pad included in the delivery. This ensures even distribution of the contact pressure during the clamping process and also protects the mould or workpiece from damage. Alternatively, clamping without a pressure pad is also possible.

By means of the optionally available T-nuts, the power clamps can be converted in no time at all into clamping devices that can be clamped on T-slotted tables. This results in a wide range of applications, covering a large variety of areas from machining to jigs and fixtures construction.

Meusburger offers the new power clamps in seven different sizes. The clamping range extends from 12 mm to 165 mm. The clamping force is 22 kN to 49 kN, depending on the size of the power clamp.