Enemac Power clamping screw ESS

Editor: Steffen Donath

It looks like an over-dimensioned setscrew, but contains an interesting technical interior due to its patented wedge mechanism.

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Clamping forces between 40 and 250 kN
Clamping forces between 40 and 250 kN
(Source: Enemac)

Due to the integrated force-intensification-system, the relatively low torque, which is being induced by turning a hexagonal pin on the outside, turns into an axial pass (up to max. 2,5 mm) with high axial-force.

Such high clamping forces are being needed for tool clamping in presses and punches, as well as die-clamping. Further applications to mention are the special purpose machinery manufacture and jig manufacturing. The power packs are being operated with conventional spanner wrenches, which are adequate for such high torques. For repeatable forces it should be operated by a torque wrench. The external thread serves for rough setting in mating thread and is supplied with a hexagonal bolt for easy handling, the vernier adjustment occurs due to axial-pass.