Milling New generation of versatile solid carbide end mills

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Tooling specialist Widia has introduced the WCE family of end mills, offering performance and reliability for small to medium batch sizes at an affordable price.

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The WCE4 series is available with different cutting corner designs or as a full radius cutter.
The WCE4 series is available with different cutting corner designs or as a full radius cutter.
(Source: Widia)

The first range of the new solid carbide end mills introduced by Widia includes the WCE4, a four-flute tool with state-of-the-art technical features, offered at a highly competitive price. “With its new design, the WCE4 series is the next generation of versatile end mills that will make our customers more productive and efficient,” says Tamir Sherif, global portfolio manager solid carbide end mills at Widia. “WCE4s are competitively priced tools for small to medium-size manufacturing operations where reliability and flexibility are high priorities.”

Two main features of the tool are the asymmetric cutting edge pitch and the alternating helix angle. This combination reduces vibrations and allows for high cutting depths and large tool wraps, while the new WU20PE grade allows for versatile applications in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. These design features, coupled with the four-flute geometry, make the WCE4 reliable end mills with high versatility — even in demanding applications such as full flute milling and form milling.

The WCE product family includes four-edged end mills with different cutting corner designs or full radius cutters, as well as with cylindrical or Weldon shanks, and is available in metric and inch dimensions. During 2022, the five-flute WCE5 series will also be launched. WCE4 end mills and other Widia cutting tools are available through authorised distributors.

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