Green Tech Moulded canopy supports made of plastic waste and scrap tires

Source: Press release

Automotive supplier Grupo Antolin produces PU foams from plastic waste and car tires to manufacture interior components.

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The vehicle canopy support is made from recycled plastic and scrap tires.
The vehicle canopy support is made from recycled plastic and scrap tires.
(Source: Grupo Antolin)

Grupo Antolin developed a moulded canopy support made by thermoforming a PU (polyurethane) foam with materials from plastic waste and used tires. This more sustainable version of the moulded canopy is a standard model, the supplier said in a statement - it meets the same requirements.

The new concept was developed in collaboration with BASF. The chemical group provides the necessary manufacturing process, which has now been validated by Antolin. According to the supplier, about 50 percent of the molded canopy's weight is made from recycled material. In an initial series application, 100 percent of the textile, 70 percent of the core foam and 70 percent of the plastic sunroof reinforcement frame were sourced from recyclate, the company says.

“This project is a great leap for the so-called Wet PU technology,” says Enrique Fernandez, advanced engineering director. He adds that the aforementioned technology has proven to be the most competitive in terms of cost and quality. Antolin announces the next project with recycled PU core foam for 2022.

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