Software More protection and opportunities: CG Tech rolls out Vericut Version 9.2

Editor: Alexander Stark

UK — The three VUE 2021 (Vericut Users’ Exchange) events held during September 2021 attracted over 60 people from British manufacturing and technology companies. The events kicked-off at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, followed by Aerospace Bristol and culminating at the impressive Nikken Innovation Centre Europe in Rotherham.

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(Source: CG Tech)

During the Vericut Users' Exchange the technical staff from CG Tech provided customers with a feature review of the enhancements made in the latest release of Vericut Version 9.2.

Attendees were welcomed by Gavin Powell, the company's UK’s Technical Director. He pointed out that the major features of this new release, would ensure that the software offers its users even more protection and opportunities for productivity and efficiency gains. Version 9.2 includes Collision and performance improvements; new “Graphs” and “Tool Use” windows that provide visual data in an easy-to-use format; enhanced support for hole making tools; annotation and section for cutting tools; new cutter types; user driven changes to improve multi tool stations; Force and Additive enhancements.

Collision and performance improvements of V9.2 were demonstrated with material removal at tight cutting resolutions carried out up to 30 percent faster. Deep concave collision penetration has been enhanced, especially against high triangle count models and an impressive example of an impeller case highlighted just how quick this latest version of the software is, reducing the time required from twelve minutes in V9.1 to just 36 seconds.

Regarding hole making the CG Tech technical team asked: “What could possible go wrong?” Very little with the support of Vericut Version 9.2, they claim, as the software now checks for wrong location, size or depth; cut deeper than flutes; motion not along tool axis; pre-drill operation before ream or tap; and incorrect feeds/speeds for tap.

New cutting tools supported include spherical end mills, known as lollipop or balloon cutters, and thread milling tools. While the multi tool station enhancements are aimed at users of Swiss-type sliding headstock lathes where multiple tools are located on platterns. Here, there is more collision information provided for individual tools or sub-assemblies.

The new Assembly Manager in V9.2 allows users to manage assemblies in a library, making complex ancillary equipment such as rotary tables; robot end effectors; head attachments and workholding fixture assemblies, clamps and bolts easier to control as they can be shared on other machines or even different projects.

For users that were unable to attend the live events CG Tech has scheduled a virtual event on the 17th & 18th November. Online registration is now open.