CAD/CAM Moduleworks releases 2018.12 CAD/CAM components

Editor: Steffen Donath

Moduleworks announces the release of its 2018.12 CAD/CAM software components. With this latest release, Moduleworks launches its new components for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). There are also new features for 5-axis, 3-axis and 2-axis machining, machine simulation, the MultiXPost post processor and the NC Editor.

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FDM works like a hot glue gun, where the object is printed onto a moveable and heated build plate.
FDM works like a hot glue gun, where the object is printed onto a moveable and heated build plate.
(Source: Moduleworks)

Moduleworks now supports Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM). This is one of the most popular additive manufacturing methods, especially for plastics such as ABS and PLA, and it is currently one of the most cost-effective technologies for manufacturing 3-dimensional objects.

Side tilt by contact point

This convenient new tilting option for 5-axis machining lets you define tool axis tilting by specifying a contact point on the tool profile. This significantly simplifies operational setup, especially for tools with complex profile geometries, such as barrel tools. Users can specify a static contact point or a dynamic range, allowing the contact point to change along the contour.

Automatic tilting for barrel mills is a new feature that offers enhanced collision control by smoothing the toolpath and ensuring that the tool moves fluently. The blending distance option provides even more control by adding orientation points in the event of a collision.

Dynamic holder collision avoidance for 2-axis roughing

To enhance machining safety and productivity, this new feature takes the shape of the holder and arbor into consideration during the toolpath calculation to avoid collisions between the entire tool and stock material.

These features are only a selection of Moduleworks' latest release.