Global growth Lantek's global surge: 24.9 percent growth with emphasis on R&D and diverse hiring

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The Basque multinational Lantek has reported a notable 24.9 percent increase in turnover, exceeding 35.3 million euros and serving 32,000 customers globally. The company's growth strategy emphasizes R&D, leading to the introduction of innovative products. Additionally, Lantek has expanded internationally, employing close to 400 people worldwide, with a significant 58 percent increase in hiring women with “Steam” profiles.

Lantek’s turnover has exceeded 35.3 million euros, reaching 32,000 customers worldwide.
Lantek’s turnover has exceeded 35.3 million euros, reaching 32,000 customers worldwide.
(Source: Lantek)

Lantek, a multinational firm with a presence in 15 countries, has posted a 24.9 percent growth in sales for the 2022/23 financial year, with a turnover surpassing 35.3 million euros and a clientele of over 32,000 globally. The company's CEO, Alberto López de Biñaspre, attributed this growth to their dedication to the industry and their relentless drive to produce innovative products. Lantek recently expanded its global reach with the establishment of Lantek Australia, serving the Australia and New Zealand markets.

On the talent front, Lantek is focused on recruiting “Steam” professionals, with women constituting 58 percent of their hires in this domain during the past year. The company is approaching 400 global employees.

In terms of innovation, Lantek has a rich history spanning over 35 years, emphasizing R&D which has led to collaborations with over 140 major machine tool manufacturers. Their R&D team has seen a twofold increase in the past two years. Lantek's participation in the Aixia project, in association with the Basque Artificial Intelligence Centre (Baic), emphasizes its commitment to developing talent and maintaining high AI standards.

Overall, Lantek continues to prioritize technological advancements, asserting its position in the industry.


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