Kunststoff Institute Lüdenscheid KIMW fights the coronavirus!

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany - With the coronavirus infections spreading worldwide, and at alarming rates in certain areas, the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid (Plastics Institute for SMEs in NRW) says it is declaring to fight the virus.

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The institute is actively “fighting” the coronavirus.
The institute is actively “fighting” the coronavirus.
(Source: Kunststoff-Institut)

With growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus-infected population in the country and worldwide, many precautionary measures are being practised in very many areas, which include companies imposing travel bans on its employees, trade fairs and business trips being cancelled or postponed and home offices sprouting up like mushrooms.

Even at such times, the KIMW says it will continue to train and conduct further education courses and that the institute is providing a unique and flexible solution to its offerings.

All further education, conferences and training courses the KIMW offers are available for those who wish to attend them online as well. The institute says, it simply means one needs to just register for the course/event and click on "online" in the comments field when booking for it.

Registered parties will then receive individual online-access data to follow the course/event comfortably from one's workplace while also being able to actively participate and raise questions during the course/event. On completion of the course, all documents can be accessed with the online-access data.

Should one not be able to attend the conference live on the PC for the whole time, the institute offers individually-recorded sessions, which can be accesses at another time.

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