Expansion JPB Système is ramping-up business in Poland

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Technology company JPB Système has announced a significant expansion in Poland with a new production site. The move signifies the company’s ongoing commitment to serving its global client base and achieving ambitious targets moving forward with an increased ramp-up.

From left to right: Paweł Bącal, CEO of Hartbex (Polish property contractor) and Damien Marc, President of JPB Système
From left to right: Paweł Bącal, CEO of Hartbex (Polish property contractor) and Damien Marc, President of JPB Système
(Source: JPB Système)

JPB Système, a manufacturer of technology solutions for various industries including aerospace, has revealed plans for a new production facility in Poland. This expansion is part of the company's strategy to address the increasing demand for its products and services globally.

To meet the growing needs, JPB Système is developing a facility specially designed for its operations. This new site is intended to enhance the company's operations in Poland, complementing its existing presence in France.

Located centrally in the 'Aviation Valley', the new facility is close to Rzeszow Airport, and nearby several key aerospace suppliers, including Pratt & Whitney and MTU Aero Engines. The site, which covers roughly 4,000 m2, will feature modern production lines equipped with Industry 4.0 capabilities, including automation and robotics. The facility will produce both existing products, like self-locking devices, and newer ones such as blade locks and potential future military components.

Damien Marc, President of JPB Système, commented on the expansion, noting that the new Polish site is a continuation of the company's growth strategy. JPB Système has been a supplier to prominent aircraft engine manufacturers, and with this development, they aim to further broaden their customer base. A significant goal for the new facility is to balance cost-effective production with the company's established reputation for quality and timely delivery.

In line with increasing its operational capability, JPB Système also places emphasis on risk mitigation to address potential challenges in the supply chain and production. Moreover, the company plans to ensure consistency in functions like HR, finance, and other departments between the new Polish facility and an upcoming 10,000 m2 site in France.

Marc summed up the announcement by highlighting the efforts of the team in Poland and the broader vision for the company's growth. The new facility in Poland is seen as a symbol of modern industry practices and is expected to contribute significantly to JPB Système's global footprint.


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