Strategic acquisition Hotset has acquired the temperature control service provider iQtemp

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German thermodynamics specialist Hotset crowns its 50th year of existence with the friendly takeover of the technology service provider iQtemp. This acquisition is to strengthen the competitive position of the German component supplier and system developer in the field of industrial heating technology and expands its range of expertise by numerous services.

The initiators of the acquisition: hotset Managing Director Ralf Schwarzkopf (center), iQtemp Managing Director Carlo Hüsken (left) and Hotset Sales Manager Sven Braatz (right).
The initiators of the acquisition: hotset Managing Director Ralf Schwarzkopf (center), iQtemp Managing Director Carlo Hüsken (left) and Hotset Sales Manager Sven Braatz (right).
(Source: Hotset)

The family-owned German company, Hotset is considered one of the leading suppliers and system providers in industrial heating technology. Its portfolio includes the production of heating elements and sensors as well as the development of customised system and project solutions. The acquisition of iQtemp on June 1, 2023 — just in the year of the company’s 50th anniversary — marks a forward-looking step in the further expansion of its expertise and its entry into new market segments. This is because the integration of iQtemp services from the areas of engineering, simulation technology, additive manufacturing as well as vacuum brazing, diffusion welding, corrosion protection and filter technology means a significant expansion of the Hotset portfolio of products, components and systems.

“With this expansion of expertise, we are underpinning our skills in the fields of control technology, system development and process optimization, and at the same time opening up maximum leeway for the realization of innovative, intelligent thermal management solutions for all tasks in industrial heating and cooling technology”, says Hotset Managing Director Ralf Schwarzkopf. On the one hand, this means that the company can support its customers in plastics technology, toolmaking, foundry engineering, packaging technology, food technology and hot runner technology even more intensively in their development and design work. On the other hand, it can now extend its operating range far beyond into the application areas of additive manufacturing, surface and coating technology and materials engineering. “As a matter of fact, Hotset is increasing its operating range quite considerably by integrating our engineering and technology services. What’s more, the fact that our expertise can be directly linked to the recent Hotset portfolio in many places should release synergies relatively quickly”, says Carlo Hüsken, previous Managing Director of iQtemp.


Mission: Intelligent temperature control

For many years, both Hotset and iQtemp have been committed to the objective of developing intelligent system solutions for industrial temperature control technology, for use in toolmaking, for instance. These common interests ultimately paved the way to start discussions about the acquisition. iQtemp’s service portfolio seemed very attractive to us from the very beginning and fits ideally with our system approach. Now it enables us to realize customised, energy-efficient and groundbreaking complete solutions for thermal management for procedures and processes in very different industries”, emphasises Sven Braatz, hotset Sales Manager and proxy holder. The decisive aspect is that the takeover not only provides Hotset with additional expertise in design and simulation technology, but also with numerous competencies that are relevant for rapid implementation of customer-specific system and project solutions These include for instance additive manufacturing techniques, vacuum brazing and diffusion welding, as well as corrosion protection for tempering channels and the construction of stainless steel in-line filters to protect channels from dirt and clogging.

For Hotset, the acquisition of iQtemp represents a transfer of expertise and technology of extensive significance that will strengthen the competitive position of the thermodynamics specialist in the long term. “Our new range of services now has a bandwidth that opens many doors for us and significantly fuels our power to innovate. The development of flexible temperature control systems for high-precision requirements will benefit from this, just like our plan to enable manufacturing companies to transform from gas- or steam-based process heat generation to an economical supply of electric heat”, says Hotset Managing Director Ralf Schwarzkopf.


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