GOM High-resolution 3D sensor analyses, detects deformation

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany-based GOM says its new Aramis SRX system extends the company's range of 3D sensors for dynamic measurement of 3D coordinates and displacements as well as surface strains.

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The Aramis SRX comprises the latest camera technology, including 12-megapixel cameras.
The Aramis SRX comprises the latest camera technology, including 12-megapixel cameras.
(Source: GOM)

The Aramis SRX sensor from GOM is a non-contact and material-independent measuring system based on digital image correlation (DIC). The system provides information on properties of materials used and the behaviour of the resulting parts formed. These results form the basis for product durability, geometrical layout and reliable numerical simulations and validations, the company says.


The high-resolution Aramis SRX sensor comprises latest camera technology, including 12-megapixel cameras, capturing up to 2,000 images/s in high-speed materials and components testing. This helps the failure behaviour of parts to be captured locally and over time in high resolution. A special HD mode has been developed for crash applications, GOM adds. In this mode, high-speed sequences can be analysed in high resolution with an image-recording rate of 1,000 Hz. The combination of high resolution and high speed returns precise results for applications that require capturing an event in detail over time as well as capturing local effects. The reliable and user-friendly system is primarily used in industrial environments.

Aramis SRX is complemented by the GOM Touch Probe tactile measuring system expansion that is optically tracked by the Aramis system. It enables tactile measurements of coordinates in areas that are optically difficult to access – like in aligning parts.

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