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Feb 8, 2021

Productivity through standardisation

The consistent use of high-quality standardised components permits considerable time and cost savings to be achieved over the full length of the added value chain for mouldmaking. Standardisation throughout the mouldmaking process has been proven to boost productivity and thus decisively increases competitiveness.

Time and cost savings increase competitiveness

Not only the components themselves hold potential, however, but also the associated processes for their design, assembly and use. Starting with design and proceeding via the assembly stage, a considerable amount of empirical know-how can be built up on the deployment of standard components. With their repeated use, the acquired routine will save a great deal of time. Using standard components also makes it possible to standardise and shorten the process steps of machining and mouldmaking.

Standardisation and rapid exchangeability boost productivity

In the subsequent production of plastic parts, any downtimes can be kept to a minimum through the rapid exchangeability of standard components from the parting plane, thus boosting productivity still further.