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Training future engineers is important and making sure they have access to current technology is equally vital to their education. Hasco is supporting a university to ensure just that.

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Thanks to the co-operation, the students have access to the latest technology.
Thanks to the co-operation, the students have access to the latest technology.
(Source: Hasco)

Moulds and tools are becoming increasingly complex. Performance limits repeatedly need to be broken and new ideas and innovations are called for in order to develop new solutions. As an internationally leading supplier of standard components and hot runner technology for tool- and mould-making, Hasco works closely with universities and institutes of higher education, worldwide, as a means of promoting next-generation talent. This is a win-win situation that provides benefits for both sides.

For around 20 years, Hasco Polska has been supporting the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz with its training of future engineers. This interplay of theory and practice provides a basis for transferring knowledge to the market and generating momentum. Only those who look beyond the confines of their profession, right from the start, are able to think innovatively and further develop tool- and mould-making. It’s all about quality, efficiency, profitability and the creation of new possibilities.

Hasco regularly supports the University of Bydgoszcz with its training of engineers by providing teaching and video material and holding specialist lectures. In addition, it supplies the university’s UTP injection moulding laboratory with standard parts and provides it with models and injection moulds, on loan, for demonstration purposes. Therefore, the students always have the latest technologies at their disposal in the laboratory.

One clear market trend at present is the increased processing of highly specialised plastics. The UTP is equipped with Hasco Z854 hoses and Z80HT couplings, making it possible to run the required high processing temperatures on its injection moulding machines. Therefore, UTP is able to provide students with a state-of-the-art education and prepare them for industry in practical terms.

Piotr Czyżewski, PhD: “This gives us, at the UTP, the opportunity to adapt the injection moulding machines to process plastics that require high temperatures, enabling us to fulfil the growing requirements of the market.”

Thanks to the modernisation of the laboratory, achieved in cooperation with Hasco, the UTP, which supports Polish industry, is able to meet the market’s increasing expectations.

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