3D printing materials Evonik's first photopolymer materials for additive manufacturing reach market maturity

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Under the brand names Infinam TI 3100 L and Infinam ST 6100 L, Evonik has launched two photopolymers for industrial 3D applications.

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Infinam TI 3100 L is the first high-performance material of Evonik's photopolymer product family.
Infinam TI 3100 L is the first high-performance material of Evonik's photopolymer product family.
(Source: Evonik)

Two ready-to-use materials mark the launch of Evonik's new product line of resins suitable for use in common photopolymer 3D printing processes such as SLA or DLP. The company will debut the new products at the TCT Asia show in Shanghai, China, from 26 to 28 May.

With the new product line, the company is entering the market-relevant photopolymer technology space, strengthening their long-term market position as material experts for all major polymer-based 3D printing technologies. The first high-performance material from Evonik's photopolymer product family results in 3D components that are both impact-resistant and tough. The combination of properties makes Infinam TI 3100 L a new standard for additive manufacturing of industrial components using photopolymer 3D printing processes such as SLA and DLP. The impact strength value measured on printed components is 30 J/m3 with a simultaneous high elongation at break of 120 %. The new material can thus excellently withstand strong impact or permanent mechanical influences such as pressing or impact. The range of possible applications extends from industrial components and automotive parts to individual applications in the consumer goods sector, which, in addition to design-free shapes, require strong mechanical loads in object use.

The second formulation with the brand name Infinam ST 6100 L sets new standards in the category of high-strength synthetic resins, the company states. With a tensile strength of 89 MPa, a flexural stress of 145 MPa and an HDT of 120 °C, it fills the material gap in ultra-high-strength photopolymers. These special properties make Infinam ST 6100 L the material of choice for applications that require high temperature resistance combined with high mechanical strength.

The new line of photopolymers are ready-to-use high-performance formulations that can be processed on a wide range of common SLA and DLP machines commercially available on the market.

Evonik bundles its competences in the field of 3D printing in the innovation growth field of additive manufacturing. The strategic focus here is on the development and production of “ready-to-use” high-performance materials along the key technology strands. In this context, Evonik has recently organised its product range of ready-to-use 3D printing materials under the new brand Infinam.

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