Mould making components Drilled thermal insulating sheets with high cost-saving potential

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany — Thermal insulating sheets prevent uncontrolled heat dissipation into the machine clamping plates from heated injection moulds and compression moulding tools. Through their high thermal compressive strength, they are particularly suitable for use in highly stressed moulding tools.

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The drilled thermal insulating sheets featuire outstanding insulating properties.
The drilled thermal insulating sheets featuire outstanding insulating properties.
(Source: Hasco)

Hasco's new drilled thermal insulating sheets are provided as standard with pre-drilled holes for guide pillars, clamp plate screws, centering flange and fixing holes. They are available in three different versions, namely Z12010/… for overhanging in the lateral direction, Z12012/… for overhanging in the longitudinal direction and Z12015/… for flush clamping plates.

They are ideal as heat insulation and also have outstanding insulating properties with optimum chemical resistance. Energy savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved.

The thermal insulating sheets are made of high-grade glass fibre, joined with high-temperature resin, offer optimum heat resistance and also have outstanding dimensional stability. The coefficient of expansion is comparable with that of steel. For use in medical technology and in clean rooms the customer can select a special high-performance coating that seals the surface and protects it from abrasion.

Thermal insulating sheets machined ready for assembly offer considerable cost-saving potential in both installation and dismantling. They also save the mould makers the difficult machining work.