Uddeholms Corrosion-Resistant Mould-Base Steel Is Easy to Machine and Durable

Editor: Eric Culp

Uddeholms AB has introduced Uddeholm RoyAlloy stainless holder steel as a replacement for its Uddeholm Ramax LH steel grade. RoyAlloy, originally developed by Edro Specialty Steels Inc., is now formally an Uddeholm product within the Uddeholm Stainless Concept portfolio, distributed exclusively worldwide. It is a prehardened corrosion-resistant steel specifically designed for the construction of long-lasting high-performance plastic-injection-mould bases.

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Uddeholm RoyAlloy offers excellent machinability, an advantage for mould makers seeking shorter lead times and less tool wear. The steel also provides very good stability and flatness, and uniform hardness in all dimensions. Its high dimensional stability helps to ensure precision both in mould base manufacture and during the tool’s production lifetime. In addition, the superior toughness and ductility of RoyAlloy minimizes the risk of plates cracking in even the most challenging of applications. Because of its good corrosion resistance, water-cooling channels machined in this steel remain clean, thus maintaining cycle time consistency.

Prehardened to approximately 30–35 HRc, Uddeholm RoyAlloy exhibits good resistance to indentation. It is amenable to repair by means of welding, which is safe and simple with this material. RoyAlloy can be used for mould bases and for plastics and rubber moulds that have low demands with respect to surface finish.

Uddeholms AB

Hagfors, Sweden


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