3D CAD design Colour codes make mould and die design easier

Source: Meusburger

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To simplify 3D CAD design for mould and die making customers, Meusburger offers standardised colour codes. Each colour represents a clearly defined tolerance, and work can be done directly from the 3D model.

The Meusburger colour codes make 3D CAD design easier.
The Meusburger colour codes make 3D CAD design easier.
(Source: Meusburger)

By collaborating with the Association of German Tool and Mould Makers and various partners, Meusburger was able to develop standardised colour codes for 3D CAD design. In the process, 70 variants of colour code tables were melded into one. Through the defined colours, tolerances can not only be clearly identified but also recognised in all common CAM systems. This allows users to go paperless and derivations from 2D drawings are no longer necessary.

Customers benefit from the transferability of models for production at other locations worldwide or by different companies. There are also defined colours for different thread types. Another advantage is time savings during calculation since the calculator automatically recognises colours and tolerances and does not have to make any corrections. In addition, deep hole drilling lists are created automatically as features are read from the 3D model and correctly identified when imported into the deep hole drilling list. In most cases, the tolerances of the Meusburger colour codes are sufficient, as four to five colours are usually enough.


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