Fanuc/ Fakuma A 450-tonne IMM in action, making its European debut

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Machine manufacturer Fanuc will showcase several all-electric Roboshot injection moulding machines (IMM) at plastics processing international trade show in Friedrichshafen.

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The debut of Roboshot α-S450iA was celebrated in Japan last year, Fanuc says.
The debut of Roboshot α-S450iA was celebrated in Japan last year, Fanuc says.
(Source: Fanuc)

Among the Roboshot injection moulding machines (IMM) at Fanuc's booth at Fakuma are the new α-S450iA, a 450-tonne IMM and Robonano, Fanuc’s 5-axis 5-axis CNC machining centre. Furthermore, a production cell, incorporating a 100-tonne Roboshot will be producing technical parts in engineering grade plastics under the “Variotherm” mould process. In the IOT corner, Fanuc together with TIG will demonstrate Euromap 77 for plastics processing corresponding to Industry 4.0 requirements.


The Roboshot α-S450iA 4500 kN clamping force precision IMM will make its European debut at the fair following its USA introduction for the US market at NPE Orlando in May this year. This IMM is Fanuc’s response to the demand for higher cavity numbers and bigger moulds that require larger platen sizes and tie bar distances, which requires larger and stronger machines with higher clamping forces – especially in the automotive sector, medical/pharmaceutical device markets and other precision parts branches, which require precise and fast outputs.

The 4500kN clamping force model has a tie bar distance of 920 x 920 mm, a clamping stroke of 900 mm, a 1,300 x 1,300 mm platen size with a maximum die height of 1,000 mm. Also, four different screw sizes for the two basic injection units achieve high flexibility. The α-S450iA at Fakuma will demonstrate the production of connection pieces for infusion components using a 32-cavity medical device mould from Kebo. The CNC technology in Roboshot provides a unique electric moulding solution, Fanuc adds. The machine is equipped with an efficient energy recovery control function and a reliable torque plasticise control with a backflow monitor and highly efficient AI mould/ejector protection. For this range, Fanuc offers another six models, between 150 and 3000 kN clamping force models.

Robonano builds a bridge between injection moulding and mould manufacturing, Fanuc says. This machining centre offers high precision five-axis machining in freeform surfaces with 0.1 nanometre resolutions. At the show, this machine will demonstrate automated, predictable and repeatable optical-quality finishing of high-accuracy mould inserts.

Fanuc will be exhibiting in Hall B3, Booth 3211.

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