GOM 3D scanner measures small parts and complex free-form surfaces

Editor: Briggette Jaya

New to the Atos 5 product line of measuring machines from industrial 3D coordinate metrology, 3D computed tomography and 3D testing specialist GOM is the Atos 5 for Airfoil.

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The new Atos 5 for Airfoil measures small parts of sizes from 100 x 70 sq.mm to 400 x 300 sq.mm.
The new Atos 5 for Airfoil measures small parts of sizes from 100 x 70 sq.mm to 400 x 300 sq.mm.
(Source: marc@stantien.de_GOM)

GOM has just introduced its new optical measuring machine, designed for small parts and complex free-form surfaces. The sensor of the Atos 5 for Airfoil is suited for the inspection of airfoil components like turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes or blisks in the aerospace and power generation industries.

According to the company, the all-rounder Atos 5 with its strong, focused light performs a wide range of measuring tasks within the range of 170 to 1,000 mm lengthwise, making it effective for large surfaces and parts. It is also deployed for applications in the automotive industry, where entire car bodies need be digitised quickly.


Now, for gas turbine products operating in harsh environments, which are exposed to large forces and extreme temperatures, the performance and demands on airfoil components are critical. Here, characteristics including edge radii, edge thickness and throat areas are monitored during production, maintenance and repair. As such high-precision measurements, right down to the smallest detail, at the usual speed is needed.

With the introduction of the 3D measuring machine Atos 5 for Airfoil for small parts with sizes from 100 x 70 mm2 to 400 x 300 mm2, GOM closes the gap in the smaller measuring range. GOM notes that the new Atos 5 for Airfoil is well-suited for the inspection of turbine components produced for the aerospace industry, such as blades, blisks and air-conducting structures, which have been a challenge during 3D digitisation until now because of their complex-shaped edges and surfaces. Its sensor also excels for maintenance jobs and the repair of nozzle guide vanes. Generally, costs incurred in the maintenance, repair and overhaul sectors are huge — for eg., replacing turbine blades can exceed 10,000 euros. Applying Atos technology combined with techniques such as additive manufacture and adaptive machining can help save such costs.

Along with the introduction of Atos 5 for Airfoil, GOM also offers a corresponding software update. The 2019 releases of the Atos Professional and GOM Inspect Professional feature new modules that enable easy analysis of demanding edge geometries.

All Atos 5 scanners provide high-digitising speed and high-precision measuring data, according to GOM. A scan in one measuring position takes only 0.2 seconds, thereby, allowing for 120 images per second to be captured.

The sensor transmits the data via fibre-optic cables, which means a turbine blade is completely digitised in 3 minutes and a complete blisk in an hour. The resulting point cloud can be directly compared in the GOM software using a surface comparison with the CAD model or data from previous measurements — an easily understandable overview of the dimensional accuracy of the just produced, maintained or repaired part is created quickly. With its robust design with protected optics, encapsulated electronics and a self-monitoring sensor, the measuring system is also ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

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