YMT Technologies Vending systems can improve efficiency and productivity

Editor: Briggette Jaya

UK – YMT Technologies has recently launched its latest range of advanced vending solutions to control the issue and track the use of consumables, such as cutting tools on the shopfloor.

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The vending machine can track the use of consumable items as well as high value items.
The vending machine can track the use of consumable items as well as high value items.
(Source: YMT Technologies)

According to the company, with 24/7 access availability, these systems allow users to hold stock in a secure location at the point of use with no charge until the issue of an item. This also supports extended operations as a quick visual check of the stock to provide for replacement items to be ordered so any delays waiting for tooling and fixturing are negated.

As usage reports can be generated from the vending system, the actual cost of the cutting tools and other items can be monitored against predicated or quoted figures – improving production and process engineering understanding of the task.

The company says that its 60 and 70-station-sized helix coil type vending units are popular solutions for many precision engineering workshops. However, smaller and larger capacity units as well as drawer systems for vending heavy or awkward items are also offered.

Apart from HSS and carbide cutting tools and indexable inserts, the vending system can also track the use of high value items with a restricted access, for example, toolholders, bespoke fixturing and even measurement gauges.

The systems are logistically dense, holding a significant level of stock while occupying minimum factory floorspace.