Digital solutions Trumpf start-up wants to digitally analyse assemblies for optimisation potential

Source: Trumpf

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Sebastian Beger is new to the Trumpf start-up Optimate and is responsible for sales as a member of the management board. His task is to launch the digital solutions for sheet metal processing more broadly in the market and to build up customer business worldwide.

“Optimate aims to double in size to 20 employees by the end of 2023,” says the management team of the Trumpf start-up (from left to right CSO Sebastian Beger, CEO Jonas Steiliing and CTO Max Hesselbarth).
“Optimate aims to double in size to 20 employees by the end of 2023,” says the management team of the Trumpf start-up (from left to right CSO Sebastian Beger, CEO Jonas Steiliing and CTO Max Hesselbarth).
(Source: Trumpf)

In the third year after the Trumpf start-up Optimate was founded, product development is going extremely well, according to the Stuttgart-based start-up. The first proof-of-concepts have been produced that the digitalisation of knowledge around sheet metal processing using AI is demonstrably possible. In the Optimate app, components and assemblies can be analysed and their feasibility determined automatically and AI-based using the uploaded CAD files. In numerous projects, customers have been convinced by the digital feasibility analysis and automated component optimisation, as the components are designed more cost-efficiently and, above all, process-reliably.

“With our AI-based feasibility analysis, we primarily address companies with their own product development. In other words, medium-sized companies with their own design department that have a sheet metal processing department or hire contract manufacturers for their production. But so-called job shoppers are also already successfully using our app in their webshops,” says Optimate managing director Jonas Steiling from the pilot projects that have been completed in the meantime. Potential recognition with automated component optimisation, on the other hand, is mainly of interest to the design departments of larger manufacturing companies. Component optimisation and digitally-automated redesign can lead to considerable cost savings.

“To support our further growth phase, we are naturally very pleased to have Sebastian Beger on board, a sales professional who already has international experience,” says Optimate Managing Director Jonas Steiling.

Before the industrial engineer joined Optimate, he worked for AZO company in Osterburken as sales manager for Asia. He supported the technical sales of process plants for the food and pharmaceutical industry on the Asian market, partly directly on site in Thailand. A new challenge presented itself in 2020 at a Munich-based start-up in the e-mobility field, where he led the company into the growth phase as Head of Marketing and Sales. In addition to building up the team and the brand, the focus was on supporting B2B customers. In order to support them in the transition to e-mobility, the team developed a scalable and intelligent charging infrastructure solution.

Then, at the end of last year, the opportunity arose to join the Trumpf subsidiary as sales managing director (CSO) in order to drive forward digitalisation in component design. There he can now fully contribute his previous knowledge from technical sales consulting and mechanical engineering know-how. “I was immediately enthusiastic about the vision, everything just fits! I know how stressful it is in design and how little time there is for optimisation. That is exactly why our digital solution is so important,” emphasises the new head of sales.


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