25 years of Servomold Trend-setting company: servo systems for worldwide injection mould tooling

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Celebrating 25 years of innovation, Servomold emerges as a global leader in automating injection mould tools. Explore Servomold's journey of growth, adaptation, and commitment to its roots while revolutionizing the plastics industry with clean, space-saving solutions.

In the anniversary year 2023, 28 motivated and highly trained employees of Servomold will ensure the continuation of the company's success.
In the anniversary year 2023, 28 motivated and highly trained employees of Servomold will ensure the continuation of the company's success.
(Source: Servomold)

In 2023, Servomold celebrates 25 years as a specialist for the automation of injection mould tools. The company's roots go back to May 1998, when Bianca and Thomas Meister founded Exacon Verwaltungs in their home in the Odenwald region of Germany, offering services related to the design and development of injection moulds. Still under their management today, their company, with 28 employees, is now one of the world's most innovative and efficient developers, manufacturers and suppliers of servo systems for injection moulding. Despite its eventful history, Servomold has remained true to its Odenwald location.

The series of changes of location and name during the past quarter of a century reflects the steady and consistent development from the sparsely equipped but highly skilled “basement child” of the early days to its current status. This was followed as early as 1999 by the development and patenting of the tunnel gate inserts, the founding of Exaflow and the move to larger local premises. With the change of name to I-Mold and the next move, which was again due to the lack of space, the distribution of hot runner systems also started in 2004. Five years later, the company moved on to the historic town of Michelstadt. There, in 2011, Thomas Meister founded Servomold, whose products were distributed by I-Mold.

2016 was finally the starting point for the construction of today's modern and spacious company building on the outskirts of Erbach. There, 620 m2 of office space including seven CAD workstations and 300 m2 of hall space today offer a friendly and light-flooded working environment for the employees in development, quality assurance, sales and administration. With its own production facility and state-of-the-art machine tools, Servomold has since been supporting external partners while contributing to short delivery times.

In 2017, both parts of the company were merged into the then I-Mold. Servomold initially remained merely the brand name of the product line. This changed fundamentally in 2022, after it became clear to Thomas Meister that the future lay and would continue to lie in servo automation. The consequence was the change of name to Servomold

Modern and continuously growing

Today Servomold is a medium-sized, continuously growing company and an internationally experienced partner of the plastics industry. The company name stands for a growing number of standardised and individual solutions for servo-electric and thus clean, space-saving realization of rotary and linear movements. The applications range from individual threads in technical plastic parts to linear slide and core pull movements to multi-cavity cap moulds. One of the consistently talented and excellently trained employees is Lucas Meister, project manager — and son of the entrepreneurial couple, who ensures continuity.


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