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Source: Meusburger

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Durability, precision and reliable availability are important factors when selecting guiding elements. In this area, Meusburger offers a wide range of high-quality products that are available from stock.

Meusburger offers a wide selection of guiding elements for mould making.
Meusburger offers a wide selection of guiding elements for mould making.
(Source: Meusburger)

Meusburger provides a wide selection of guides for mould making, most of which are produced in-house in Austria. That way customers not only benefit from the highest possible quality, but also from continuous product availability. Meusburger's high-quality products are perfectly matched to the comprehensive range of cavity plates. The following section gives an overview of the wide range of guiding elements:

The company offers numerous standard guiding systems for the main guiding of the mould. The guiding system with two fitting diameters enables simple installation and removal as well as an optimal fit in the guiding hole.

Additionally, the product range includes many ejector set guides, also in self-lubricating versions. To enable high-precision and free-of-play guiding of ejector sets, customers can use recirculating ball bushings with low wear characteristics.

In addition, the standard parts manufacturer offers a selection of flat guiding units, which are also suited for mould guiding.

Guides are subject to high wear due to friction when opening and closing the mould. To counter the wear effect, the company offers a broad range of guides with DLC coating. This not only ensures the best sliding properties, but also increases the service life of the guiding elements. Moreover, thanks to their optimal dry-running properties, the guides can also be used in cleanrooms.


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