Matsuura/ AMB Solution for 5-axis machining with automation as a start

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Exhibits at Matsuura’s booth at AMB will include the company's latest high-quality machining centres.

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The MX-330 has a compact frame and now has a new concept – simple automation.
The MX-330 has a compact frame and now has a new concept – simple automation.
(Source: Matsuura)

Machine tool manufacturer Matsuura says its sales team and engineers will be on hand at the metalworking trade show to give expert advice on the 5-axis vertical machining centre MX-330, the horizontal machining centre H.Plus-504 and the linear motor machine LF-160.

According to the company, this year’s bestseller of the MX-series, the MX-330, has a compact frame yet provides sufficient machining area for handling workpieces up to a maximum size of D420 mm x H320 mm. In addition to featuring the fundamental concept of the MX-series, the MX-330 has introduced a new concept – simple automation. This concept follows the motto: The smaller the workpiece, the shorter the machine time. And, for the first time, an MX-machine comes with a package option consisting of a PC10 (floor pallet system) and a 90-tool magazine, all available for a good price, making it the option for manufacturers considering 5-axis machining with automation.

The H.Plus-504, on the other hand, is the latest addition of the H.Plus-series. It employs the newly developed Fanuc operating system iHMi, which improves operability, reduces non-cutting time and facilitates set-up, operation and maintenance whilst saving labour and energy, Matsuura says. The machine is equipped with a tool storage capacity of 160 tools (matrix-type magazine). In addition, Matsuura's dynamic clamp system and automatic acceleration and deceleration control contribute intelligently to a shorter cycle/indexing time and higher productivity.

The LF-160, the third machine on show, is designed for machining with high speed and high precision. In comparison to conventional models, cutting time is reduced up to 60%, the company claims. The spindle employs a unique balancing method to enable a high spindle speed of 46,000/min, while featuring low noise and low vibration. The machine can handle workpieces with sizes of up to D160mm x H230mm and 20kg.

The experts will also offer information on the Lumex Avance series high-speed milling machining centres with a metal laser sintering function.

At AMB, Matsuura will be in Hall 10, Booth A15.