Marking and traceability SIC Marking Group acquires Spanish company Sivart

Source: SIC Marking Group

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SIC Marking Group announced the acquisition of Spanish marking and traceability specialist Sivart. At the same time, Guillem Creus has been appointed as General Manager of SIC Marking SL.

SIC Marking Group announced that Sivart SL became SIC Marking SL as of  1st October 2022.
SIC Marking Group announced that Sivart SL became SIC Marking SL as of 1st October 2022.
(Source: SIC Marking)

Sivart has been founded 20 years ago in Barcelona, Spain, starting as a specialist of traceability and vision software solutions. Throughout the years, Sivart has expanded its offer and has become a privileged partner of SIC Marking Group, distributing its marking and traceability products in Spain.

SIC Marking Group Managing Director Jean-Manuel Pauchet commented: “SIC Marking Group had the willigness to extend its global footprint in Spain for some time given Spain potential in the industries we are serving. When we contemplated our different alternatives Sivart acquisition stepped out as our preferred option based on our long time partnership with them. We are therefore thrilled to welcome in our group such an experienced team of marking and traceability experts and we look forward to working closer with them to build our development plan in Spain.”

Karina Pundik and Joaquim Creus (owners of Sivart) added: “This acquisition makes perfect sense for Sivart and its employees. Indeed Sivart reached a point where it needed the support and the strength of a global company like SIC Marking Group to better serve both its local and global customers to pursue its development. We are therefore very happy this has happened for our team.”

Guillem Creus has assumed the role of General Manager of SIC Marking SL.


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