Automation Scanner controller simplifies integration of welding system in machine concepts

Source: Blackbird Robot Systems

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Remote laser welding expert Blackbird Robotersysteme expands its portfolio by an especially compact scanner controller. The Scanner Control Box (SCB) is the little sister of the Scan Control Unit (SCU-3). Both controller solutions permit the easy integration of a welding system in automatic production systems and robot cells. For this purpose, the new SCB needs less space and is quickly installed.

The Scanner Control Box simplifies and accelerates the integration in a variety of machine concepts.
The Scanner Control Box simplifies and accelerates the integration in a variety of machine concepts.
(Source: Bettina Theisinger/ Blackbird Robotics)

Remote laser welding becomes more and more an especially attractive joining process for a variety of materials — also in applications beyond the automotive industry. For all applications, the users are facing the challenge to integrate the laser scanners as smoothly as possible in the existing or planned production systems. The dimensions play a role almost as important as the existing interfaces and the available field bus systems.

Blackbird developed the Scanner Control Box and tested its use in several pilot projects to offer its customers a smaller but still industry-suitable solution. The feedback of the users was consistently positive. Weighing 37 kg, the new controller solution is comparably light weight, it can be comfortably mounted on a wall and therefore saves valuable space. The interfaces are accessible from below, which allows basically a plug and play mode installation. The controller can be connected and commissioned without additional pre-settings and driver installations.

The function scope of the new controller is reduced to specific needs and it is outstandingly qualified, for example, for welding applications in the electrical mobility environment and for the on-the-fly operation. It was possible to lower the energy consumption to a minimum through the performance-applicable selection of components. The high performance processor guarantees an efficient data processing and program handling. In case of limited space availability, the SCB can therefore also be used as an alternative to the larger SCU-3 sister.

The new laser scanner controller can be ordered from now on. Delivery is scheduled to start in summer 2023.


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