On-demand manufacturing processes Quickparts adopts Materialise CO-AM software platform

Source: Quickparts

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To to leverage the CO-AM platforms to manage their distributed manufacturing flows, Quickparts has partnered with Materialise. The platform will support Quickparts’ traditional and additive manufacturing (AM) capacities and connect to existing production systems.

The open architecture of CO-AM enables manufacturers to work with their preferred tools.
The open architecture of CO-AM enables manufacturers to work with their preferred tools.
(Source: Quickparts)

Adopting Materialise’s CO-AM platform within Quickparts’ manufacturing operations is intended to streamline the company’s distributed global production facilities and modernise its capabilities with efficiency. The goal was to achieve the fastest lead times in the industry, said Ziad Abou, CEO of Quickparts. “Once CO-AM is integrated, we can process orders faster, which allows us to improve our cost structure through fleet optimization and machine utilization. It gives us, and our customers, traceability to every part along the manufacturing process so we can realize the highest quality standard with all of our parts.”

The service provider runs seven global design and production centers across North America and Europe. Their distributed manufacturing network required a software solution capable of connecting all sites and of integrating traditional and AM technologies. The company began the CO-AM implementation at their U.S. locations in Seattle and Lawrenceburg at the end of last year and plans to extend the platform to additional locations in the second quarter of 2023.

Quickparts will use CO-AM to streamline their order-to-cash operations, automate processes, and securely manage production across distribution manufacturing sites. This will make it possible to collect and access production data, monitor and improve workflows, and achieve an efficiency level that will help save their customers time and money. Quickparts expects that the integration of the CO-AM platform will help its customers to successfully scale AM operations with an open ecosystem that connects to a wide range of technologies and integrates with existing production infrastructures.

“The open architecture of CO-AM enables manufacturers to work with their preferred tools, giving them the flexibility to build a process that is tailored to their business,” said Bart Van der Schueren, CTO of Materialise. “We look forward to our collaboration with Quickparts to create and grow their software solution for high-quality, on-demand manufacturing through CO-AM.”


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