K 2022 Portuguese tool and mould makers position themselves as one-stop-shop

Source: Associação Pool-Net

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The Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster, represented by Pool-Net and supported by Cefamol (The Portuguese Mouldmaking Association), will promote the excellence of Portuguese Molds and Plastics Industries at K Fair, from 19th to 26rd October, in Dusseldorf, Germany, (the main market for its exports), at Hall 1 of exhibition fairground.

The Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster will promote the excellence of Portuguese moulds and plastics industries at K Fair.
The Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster will promote the excellence of Portuguese moulds and plastics industries at K Fair.
(Source: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann)

The Engineering & Tooling Cluster represents Tooling & Plastics industries from Portugal, one of the most technological advanced Clusters internationally, supporting global product development, based on innovative technologies and cooperation, trough design, advanced engineering, prototyping, tooling and injection parts.

Acting worldwide and exporting 85 percent of the national production to 84 countries, where Germany represents 18 percent of the market share, and it represents a traditional strategic market for Portuguese industries to deliver innovation and technology-based know how, quality services and reliable solutions as a “one-stop-shop” (from design to product), identified as key values in Portugal.

Ensuring, at European level, its 3rd position in terms of production of plastic injection molds. Between 2010 and 2020, under the common brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”, the Portuguese toolmakers have increased its production and exports over 100 percent. Sector includes more than 500 companies and generate over 11.000 jobs.

The K presence of the Portuguese clusters involves a group of fourteen companies. At the event the members will introduce their expertises and technical capabilities, supported by innovative and integrated solutions and state-of-the-art technologies.

During recent years, the Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster companies reinforced their capacity by exploring the development of an extended action based on innovation and people qualification allowing for new solutions on design and product development, as well as on manufacturing (50 million Euros on research & innovative projects, involving more than 100 companies and 50 RTO). Over the last challenging years, Portugal proofs to be a resilient Cluster for Moulds and Plastic production, successfully adapting to different technologies and markets. For historical reasons the automotive industry is still an important market, representing 71 percent, but Portuguese companies are also investing in other strategic areas, such as: packaging (ten percent), medical devices (four percent), houseware electrics (four percent), among others.

(Source: Pool-Net)


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