K 2022 New solutions for valve gate technology and networked injection moulding

Source: Ewikon

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At K 2022, Ewikon will showcase its expanded range of functions of its smart Control assistance system for networked injection moulding production with an energy monitor.

Ewikon electric valve gate systems are now powered by a new generation of compact linear servo motors.
Ewikon electric valve gate systems are now powered by a new generation of compact linear servo motors.
(Source: Ewikon)

The new smart Control assistance system from Ewikon makes the energy consumption of the mould and hot runner system transparent. By adjusting various parameters accordingly, the process can thus be specifically designed to optimise energy efficiency. All other functionalities of the system, which records, monitors, analyses and logs the data of the entire injection moulding production cell, including the hot runner system and the associated control technology, will be demonstrated live on the stand.

In addition, smart Control can be seen in practical use at the stand of machine manufacturer Arburg in Hall 13 on a high-end injection mould from Braunform. An Allrounder More injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 1,600 kN, which can be flexibly configured for multi-component applications, produces a 2-component Luer connector in a 4+4-cavity mould. An Ewikon hot runner system is used that combines pneumatic valve gate technology and direct side gating. The smart Control system monitors the entire injection moulding cell. In addition to a large number of machine, mould, hot runner and peripheral parameters, the data of additional pressure sensors, two of which are installed per cavity, are also recorded.

Ewikon electric valve gate systems are now powered by a new generation of compact linear servo motors. The drive units feature permanent, high-precision position control as well as integrated temperature monitoring. Compared to stepper motor concepts, a higher valve pin speed can be achieved and thus the cycle time can be further reduced. The current consumption of the motor is controlled as required depending on the necessary force at a constant speed. Therefore, the servo drive is also suitable for monitoring the valve pin closing force and is particularly energy-efficient. Because high closing forces can be generated without any problems, the range of applications is extended to larger valve pin diameters.

The motion Control SD controller, a powerful touch-screen control unit with extensive functions, was developed for the comfortable and clear operation of the linear servo motors. If required, the process data can be transmitted to higher-level assistance and monitoring systems via OPC UA. This makes it easy to integrate the system into networked production.


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