CNC turning centres New entry-level lathes from DMG Mori

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A pair of competitively-priced CNC turning centres, T1 and T2, has been launched by DMG Mori aimed at the entry-level market. Both machines have a 12-station turret, with VDI 30 tooling on the smaller lathe and VDI 40 on the larger model. They are available as 2-axis lathes and in 3-axis configuration with a C-axis spindle and driven tools.

The larger of the two new entry-level CNC lathes recently introduced by DMG Mori.
The larger of the two new entry-level CNC lathes recently introduced by DMG Mori.
(Source: DMG Mori)

The T1 lathe from DMG Mori has an 11.7 kW / 4,500 rpm / 140 Nm spindle and an 8-inch chuck whereas the T2 is powered by a 19.5 kW / 3,500 rpm / 319 Nm spindle and has a 10-inch chuck, bar capacities being 65 mm and 80 mm diameter. X-axis stroke is 232 mm and 300 mm respectively and the Z-axis figures are 410 mm and 730 mm. The lathes are highly productive; the T1, for example, is able to achieve a best-in-class depth of cut of 4 mm in carbon steel at a cutting speed of 240 m/min.

A robust machine bed and linear guideways in all axes ensure dynamic and accurate turning. Both lathes are fitted with a linear scale for feeding back the X-axis position to the Siemens Sinumeric One control, which has touch-screen data input and ShopTurn programming. The machines are pre-equipped with IoT connector networking for integrating them into a digitalised manufacturing environment.

Each turning centre is available in three versions, Complete, Plus and Pro, to suit the user's production requirements. Both lathe types have been added to the range of machines offered under DMG MoriI’s Payzr equipment-as-a-service subscription offering, based on pay-per-use rather than ownership. It allows manufacturers to acquire a new machine tool by paying a monthly subscription plus a fee per spindle hour used. No minimum number of hours is specified.


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