Company News Meusburger helps in the production of face shields

Editor: Steffen Donath

Producing protective equipment to prevent infection with the Coronavirus regionally — the co-operation between two companies from Bavaria, supported by Meusburger, makes it possible.

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The makeshift face shields are intended to increase protection against droplet infection for doctors and nursing staff.
The makeshift face shields are intended to increase protection against droplet infection for doctors and nursing staff.
(Source: Hörl Plastics Technology GmbH & Co. KG)

The joint project for the production of so-called makeshift faceplates by the two companies Hörl Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG and Kiefel GmbH is aimed at increasing protection against infection with the virus among nursing staff. Meusburger supports the Hörl company in the injection moulding process. Thanks to the standard parts for the injection mould, more than 6,000 shields can now be produced daily for the co-operation partners.

Face protection as a measure against infection

Due to the current situation, protective measures of any kind are essential to limit the spread of the Coronavirus as much as possible. One of the numerous complementary measures for this purpose are face shields. This significantly reduces the risk of infecting another person when speaking, coughing or sneezing. Such shields are now widely used as a measure in the fight against the spread of the virus and have therefore long been a scarce commodity. Due to the high demand and special requirements of clinics, various companies have decided to support the production of face protection shields, and Meusburger is also happy to help here.

A joint project

The co-operation of two companies from Bavaria has resulted in a joint project to produce so-called makeshift face shields especially according to the requirements of the local clinics. The aim of these signs is to protect doctors and nursing staff from droplet infection. The Hörl company from Laufen and the Kiefel company from Freilassing have jointly taken over the production of these protective shields. The part of injection moulding remained with the Hörl company and the thermoforming and punching of the film was carried out by the Kiefel company. Initially, all components were produced using a 3D printer and a production time of approx. 1.5 hours per piece.

Meusburger supports with standard parts for the injection mould

In mid-March, the Hörl company finally received an inquiry about Community Makers vs. Virus, a nationwide initiative that uses 3D printers to produce visors for the face. Hörl’s management promised full support for the initiative. This is where Meusburger also came into play and was happy to help with the provision of the mould construction for injection moulding. As a result, a prototype injection mould was produced within only 24 hours to cover the first demand. With a cycle time of 13 seconds from the injection mould, which had previously been dismantled once, approx. 6,400 makeshift face shields can now be produced daily. If the demand continues to increase, an expansion to a 4-cavity injection mould is possible at any time.

Several co-operation partners benefit

The foils of the protective shields can be changed quickly by a simple pressure lock and therefore the hanger can be used several times. The innovative makeshift face shields benefit the District Office Berchtesgadener Land, District Office Traunstein as well as the clinics of South-East Bavaria. All components supplied so far were made available to the co-operation partners free of charge. Several thousand makeshift face shields have been produced to date. Through this cooperation, Meusburger was also able to contribute to the production of the new type of protective shields.